My decision to start a business in the fishing tackle industry; an industry known for being male dominated and cutthroat, was neither well planned nor thought out. Passion can rarely be defined or confined by logic. Passion leads us all to the streams and rivers that ultimately brings us face to face with the ocean of our hopes, and the depths of our fears. The spirit of the angler that drives us to hunt for our quarry from shore to shore, at all hours and in all conditions, this too is our heritage.

To fish is to live for many women around the world. 

In April of 2014 I made the transition from victim of domestic violence to survivor.  I had a particularly difficult time coping with the feelings of hurt and the events that had transpired. I found that self-medicating was much easier than facing the situation at hand. I felt like the universe had betrayed me. That was the case until that May when I embarked on my first fishing trip.

I caught my first fish. I’ll never forget it. It was a 3.5lb a Fluke off of Compo Beach. I can remember the exact feeling of the fish strike on my line. The bite of a Summer Flounder is unmistakable. Something magic happened in that moment. It felt like a shock through my being bringing me back to life. I felt happiness again.

I truly believe that a Fluke saved my life. Fishing became my therapy, my yoga, my meditation, and my healing. 

Fast-forward 3 years to 2017. Having fished avidly since that Fluke, I started meeting and fishing with women that both inspired me and drove me to make this company the absolute best of it can be. On this journey I’ve realized that there is an under-served demographic in the angling community, women. From this, I created a business concept of designing premium rigs and products that women, and men and most importantly FISH would love. Our rigs break outside the box because it is women anglers and salts who make them start to finish in the USA; using 100% made in the USA key components.

Today, I am proud to say that Fancy Fluke has the most innovative fluke rigs on the market. Sharing the transformational power that fishing offers women, men, and families is our mission and we intended to carry on for years to come.

Thank you to all of my customers, new and old, who have believed in the Fancy Fluke brand and helped us reach success.

I look forward to continuing to provide you with the best fishing rigs and groundbreaking products on the market.

Tight Lines, 

Stephanie Ortiz - Fancy Fluke Owner and President