Fancy Fluke Pro Staff

 Stephanie Ortiz

A true mariner at heart, Stephanie was raised sailing and restoring classic sailboats with her father on Long Island Sound, in Southern Connecticut. A 2014, chance Fluke trip out of Southport Harbor changed everything for this salty but jaded individual.

“At that time in my life I had been running business on my own for three years. I was stuck in a rat race of my own making. That was until I caught my first Fluke.

To put it simply, fishing had put me back in touch with my own inner strength. The more time I spent immersing myself in the sport and what I call “Ocean2Table” cooking the more my confidence grew. This year and a half alone I have had great success here in the sound up to the Cape, targeting Striped Bass, Fluke, Black Sea Bass, Scup, Albies, Bonito, Bluefish, Bluefin Tuna, Sharks and Marlin. None of this would be possible without the amazing mentors I've encountered along the way. I hope to share my passion with others, specifically women and children in an effort to help put more people in touch with that very same inner strength that lives in all of us.”

Stephanie is the founder of The Fancy Fluke Fishing Co., a female owned and run organization dedicated to providing premium tackle, tournaments and an inspiring online community for women anglers. “As a fixture crew member of the both of “The Lost Weekend”’s inshore and offshore vessels, I am always happy to share my experience and get women out on the water”

When Stephanie is not on the water she can almost always be found hunting or getting lost on adventures around New England.

 Lauren Salvioli

Hey all! My name is Lauren Salvioli and I am from Connecticut. Ever since I was little, I have enjoyed fishing for fun. For the past three years, fishing has become a passion of mine. I consider myself a dedicated lady angler, striving to get out on the water as much as possible. I study Marine Biology at UNH and I currently work on the Research Vessel Spirit of the Sound performing marine life studies, but my true dedication is fishing. I love salt water fishing, but am not opposed to freshwater either. Some of my biggest catches have been right out of Long Island Sound. Last October, I landed a 19.8 pound bluefish and have caught a number of striped bass ranging from 30-36 pounds this summer. I am a passionate avid angler, with a love for marine conservation. I find the ocean and all of its wonders to be so intriguing. I am happy to be a part of the FFFC, and look forward to many years to come catching big fish and learning new things!

 Diane Womack

My mission is to provide affordable and convenient fishing supplies and services to the fishing public.  My desire is to bring families back together to experience the joys of the water and the quality of time spent together.  One of my greatest passions is sharing knowledge with children and patrons who are new to the sport of fishing.
This year, the opportunity to open my own bait and tackle shop presented itself, in the historic marine city of New London.  My one-stop-shop is located at Burr’s Marina on Pequot Avenue.  I opened my business, Diane’s Bait, Tackle and Charters, on April 1, 2016.  The fishing community has welcomed me with open arms.  I love fishing and I love to help people.  I love to hear all the fishing stories and receive pictures from my customers.
I carry all fresh and salt water bait and tackle, as well as custom designed gear for every angler.  Other services I offer are, an on-site official weigh-in station, as well as, Connecticut fishing licenses. 
At my business, I also specialize in booking charters.  I know all of the local Charter Captains.  I have worked with many of them for several years.  I only recommend charters that I believe will respect my customers and value their experiences... not just their money.
I believe Diane’s Bait, Tackle and Charters is poised to be a Connecticut sport fishing hotspot for years to come.
I am proud to host the Fancy Fluke Fishing Companies first Women’s Only Fluke Tournament.
Keep posted for a Striped Bass/ Shark Rodeo that’s in the works for next year.   
I do it all! 

 Daphne Forster 

"I fish, therefore I am"

A New England fishing legend in her own right, Daphne Forster is an accomplished multi species angler from Newport, Rhode Island. As a professional Pinhooker and Deckhand she made a name for herself working on some of the hottest boat in the ocean state. From Tuna offshore, to Carp on the CT River, or fishing the far reaches of the globe in New Zealand, there is no question this woman has mastered the sport. Daphne studied fisheries and aquaculture science at the University of Rhode Island, and is the brains behind our unique Fluke Rig design. 

 Sydney Norris 

The youngest Fancy Fluke Pro Staff, Sydney Norris is already making waves in tournaments in Connecticut. You can find Sydney out most days in the summer fishing for Fluke, Striped Bass, Black Sea Bass, and more in the waters of Eastern Long Island Sound, Fishers Island Sound, and Block Island Sound.