May 24, 2017 Fishing Report

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Spring run is in full effect in Long Island Sound. Blues, Bass and Fluke are in. Over the last four days we have seen an influx of large Bunker schools in both Bridgeport and Fairfield. Although water temperatures remain on the cooler side of 55 degrees the stage is set for an epic summer.

Bait schools that sat largely undisturbed over the weekend are now getting busted by daytime Blues and evening Striped Bass. Bunker is key at this stage in the game and fresh is best! Want to intercept a migrating fish? We suggest live-lining in shallow water between 15-20 feet deep. Blues are cruising at all levels of the water column and can be easily spotted fining on the surface morning and night. Top water plugs and SP minnows are always the way to go with these toothy fish unless of course you are willing to part with your paddle tails.

Fluke remains slow and steady in the Sound as expected this time of year. Consistent East winds have put a damper on the drift for now. We have had success bucktailing 2oz jigs through periods of slack tide and wind vs. tide seeing fish up to 22 inches. A combination of Squid, Spearing and Ottertails has by far out produced any other bait combo so far this season. Long Island waters are currently loaded with small Sand Eels so at this point we say the best Fluke fishing is yet to come.

The First Annual Fancy Fluke Women's Fluke Fishing Tournament is just a month away...

Sign Up today! See our EVENTS page to register online.

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