May 18, 2017 Fishing Report

Connecticut Fluke Fishing Long Island Sound Striped Bass Fishing

Fluke fever is on here at The Fancy Fluke! Yesterday’s New York/Connecticut opening day did not disappoint. Pink was the hot color all over Long Island Sound as Fluke fisherman took to the water in force. Flounder are here and holding up in their typical early season haunts in Western LIS from Norwalk to Fairfield.

Squid, Spearing and Ottertails™ proved to be the perfect cocktail for hungry fish. As always we suggest keeping a variety of lures in several colors on hand for different fishing conditions. A 2oz bucktail with the same bait cocktail works great for periods of slack tide or wind vs tide. Our 6” Fancy Fluke drift rigs got the job done as soon as the current picked up into the afternoon.

With 70 degree weather forecast well into next week, we expect the action to kick into overdrive. Striped Bass fishing remains steady in the Sound. Bunker are invading Milford and Norwalk Harbors, the perfect set-up for the June arrival of 30lb plus fish. Live Menhaden and soft plastics have been the bait of choice, but as we said the Bass are in, at this point in the game anything goes.

Slab size Crappie have been popping up all over the state. These fish have been very responsive to small, top water lures over the past few days. In addition to steady Largemouth Bass and Trout fishing, Spring Crappie have us on our toes and coming back for more.

Weekly Recipe...

To put it simply.. we've been so busy preparing for opening day that we haven't been spending time in the kitchen. Fish Tacos anyone?

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