July 27, 2017 Fishing Report

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Monday's Cold front left much to be desired on Long Island Sound. Keeper Fluke are very scarce at this time. Scup season is definitely upon is with large groups schooling in shallow water 20ft and below. Rocks, Shallow water and Skimmer clams are working best. We suggest Hi Los to maximize your catch potential. We are seeing several Black Sea Bass in this mix but deeper water is where you’ll do best.

The Striper bite has moved East but a seemingly endless influx of bait from adult menhaden to peanut bunker continue their steady migration into our waters. Bluefish are certainly in pushing up schools left and right. However, the abundance of food is keeping them at bay. For now. Still ahead us are the days of Fall Blitzes. We anticipate a good Albie run this year. There are plenty of small fry and bait fish in the sound to set the stage for great for some serious action in a few week's time.

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